My name is Della Jovie, and the meaning of my name is noble. I try my best to resemble the name. My hometown is California I have dedicated my life to fashion. I can do all types of makeup whether it is a smoky eye or cat eye. I live in my apartment which I bought with my self-earned money. I also have a thing for taking pictures. When I was growing up I wanted to be a hairstylist, and twisting and twirling hair became more and more interesting. On the path to being a hairstylist, I discovered fashion and makeup and it inspired me more so I made out a career from it.  My baby pet Chihuahua is my love, mostly he keeps me busy around with him. Flowers also intrigue and fascinate me. My interest in winter clothes is beyond infinity, those comfy sweaters with beanies and a muffler are a perfect look. Everyone is beautiful it’s just that you have to enhance your beauty with makeup. Glam and glow with clothes is kind of my thing to do. Every place should be a runway where you can show off your style and makeup. I am thrilled to share my eventful journey with you. I hope u tag along for more.